National Tree Of Spain

National Tree Of Spain Encina

National Tree Of Spain

National Tree Of Spain

National tree of Spain is Encina evergreen tree belongs to the family of Fagaceae, native region of Encina tree is the Mediterranean area in Spain Encina Oak tree forests are common. Encina is average length tree which may grow up to 52 to 82 feet.National tree of Spain fruit is known as Acron, Encina nut(Acron) take 6 months to Mature and the taste of Acron is sweet and much better. Encina tree lifespan is very long.Three are Encina trees found in Spain maybe age of thousand years.Oaks are grown in grasslands where their fruit acorn are feed to cattle like pigs. oak wood is very hard and it is the producer of firewood production in Spain.

National Tree Of Spain

There are approximately 600 species of Oak tree.Encina is genus Quercus and the family is beech.National tree of Spain Encina Oakwood is known for is hardness and wood resistant is excellent for fungal and insect attacks. Oakwood is used for making drums in Japan.Oaktree leaves fruits poisonous in large amount for cattle like goats, sheep, and horses and the toxin is the Tannic acid which affects the kidneys and gastroenteritis.

National Tree Of Spain

Facts About National Tree Of Spain Enica

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Order: Fagales
  • Family: Fagaceae
  • Genus: Quercus
  • Tree Height:  Approximately 82-82 Feet
  • Fruit Name: Acron Nut
  • Leaves: Spiral Arranged
  • Tree type: Evergreen

National Tree Of Spain

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