National Tree Of Pakistan Deodar

National Tree Of Pakistan Deodar

National Tree Of Pakistan Deodar

Deodar is a National tree of Pakistan the Name Deodar came from Cedrus Deodara is got driven by Sanskrit word Devdar means Timber of Gods. National tree of Pakistan Deodar is native to Western Himalaya, Eastern Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Kashmir, Tibet and some Areas in  Nepal.Deodar Cedrus is big and evergreen tree Height about 145 to165 feets and trunk diameter is about three meters.National tree of Pakistan Deodar Cedrus leaves is needle-like and Approximately up to 7 cm long and 1mm thick leaves.

National tree of Pakistan Deodar is called Kannada in China.Deodar is beautiful and largest and coniferous tree known as the conic crown.Deodar grows above 3200-meter from sea level.National tree of Pakistan is bright green and blue-green in color.cone of female Deodar is Barrel-shaped and size is about 7 to 13 centimeter long and 5 to 9 centimeter broad and cone mature in 12 months to release the seeds and the male cones are about 4 to 6 centimeter long and pollination is in autumn.

Classification OF Deodar (National Tree OF Pakistan)  

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Division: Pinophyta
  • Class: Pinopsida
  • Order: Pinales
  • Family: Pineaceae
  • Genus: Cedrus
  • Species: Cedrus deodara
  • Binomial name: Cedrus deodar

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