National fruit of Pakistan Mango

National Fruit Of Pakistan Mango

Mango National Fruit Of Pakistan

National fruit of Pakistan  Mango is considered as the king of fruits Mango is like by everyone.Mango is good for health, skin, hair and also good for eyes treatment.The National fruit of Pakistan Mango make an immune system to fight against cancer also improve digestive system and good for memory improvement the are a lot of benefits of mango  National fruit of Pakistan.Mango is summer fruit yellow color of its fruit seems attractive and beautiful.National fruit of Pakistan Mango trees grows up to approximately 115 to 130 feet.National fruit of Pakistan Mango

Pakistan grows many types of mangos like Sindhri, Langra, chunsa, fajri, saroli, tuta pari, Neelam, maldah and so many varieties.Many places of Pakistan produces mangos Tandojam, Miawali,  Jhang , Mirpur khas, Okara, Bahawalepur and some other area are famous in the production of Pakistan’s National fruit mango.shikarpur is famous in all over Pakistan for mango pickles.Unripe mango taste is sour when Mango ripe green color turns from green to Yellow and taste so delicious, juicy and sweet.National fruit of Pakistan contains so many Nutritional values carbohydrate, dietary fibers, fat, protein, vitamins, and a lot of minerals like Calcium, iron magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc etc

National fruit of Pakistan Mango

National Fruit Of Pakistan Mango Health Benefits

  • Vitamin A: Improve eyesight
  • Vitamin C: Reduce risk of Cancer
  • Vitamin E:  Improver Hair circulation
  • Vitamin K: Strongs  the Bones
  • Vitamin B1: Anti-stress and Migraine
  • Beta-carotene: Improves Antioxidant level
  • Dietary fibers: Helps in Losing Weight and boost digestive system
  • Iron: Solution for people suffering from Anemia 

National fruit of Pakistan Mango


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